We do not need a revival

We need a holy renaissance

A revival gets people to vote for Jesus. A renaissance, however, invites us to live for Jesus. People look back to what is good, true, and truly beautiful, and then live it in the present-tense. New vision and vitality rush into old truths and traditions. People wake up.

History is changed.

The Holy Spirit is stirring a hunger in Christians today for truth, tradition, and spaces where they can join the Son in bringing glory to the Father.

They want to proclaim Christ’s resurrection, serve the poor, tend the sick, care for the earth, participate in the sacrifice of the Mass, raise God-fearing children, join religious orders, and live in communion with the biggest, baddest, most beautiful thing on earth—the holy Catholic Church.

Welcome. My name is Tyler Blanski, and I am praying for a holy renaissance, and that’s what this website is about. I’m so glad you’re here. Together we can live an audacious prayer.

Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls…

Recipe for Renaissance

It starts with God and ends with God. The Trinity gets all the praise.

Back of the Napkin

Holy Spirit Gumption

Ad Fontes

Time is short

Eternity is long

Time is short, eternity is long. Put not from you what you have here found; regard it not as mere matter of present controversy; set not out resolved to refute it, and looking about for the set way of doing so; seduce not yourself with the imagination that it comes of disappointment, or disgust, or restlessness, or wounded feeling, or undue sensibility, or other weakness. Wrap not yourself round in the associations of years past, nor determine that to be truth which you wish to be so, nor make an idol of cherished anticipations. Time is short, eternity is long.