Saint Joseph, Pray For Us!

Pull out your highlighters. What word stands out most when you read Matthew 1:24? Isn’t it that small, overused, three-letter word our English teachers told us to avoid?

“When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded.”

Joseph did.

It’s that simple.

Saint Joseph is the patron saint of workers and fathers, a simple carpenter who obeyed God’s will immediately and completely—and God was glorified.


[Note: this essay was first published by Catholic Exchange and the Catholic Gentleman and is reprinted with permission.]


Twice Joseph’s gut told him one thing, but when God’s will was the polar opposite, twice he obeyed. Joseph intended to divorce Mary. But instead, he followed the angel’s instructions to marry her and to raise the Christ child as his own (Matt. 1). Even though it didn’t make any sense, he obeyed immediately and completely. Joseph then worked hard to provide for his family. Yet he heeded the angel a second time, and moved his family to Egypt, even though it didn’t make any sense (Matt. 2:13-18). Joseph obeyed immediately and completely.

And God was glorified.

We can look to this patron saint of workers and fathers to help us go about our business in obedience to our one true Father in Heaven. We can learn from this carpenter how to trust God with the measurements when it’s time to make a cut. Like him, we can live in such a way that the word “did” will be highlighted.

Saint Joseph.

The man who did.

And God was glorified.

Saint Joseph pray for us, that we may obey God’s will immediately and completely, so that God may be glorified. Holy Spirit, come. O most adorable Jesus, give us obedient hearts so that, like Saint Joseph, we may join you in bringing glory to the Father in Heaven. Amen.

Read it in the Catholic Exchange, the Catholic Gentleman, or MONKROCK.

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