Nashotah House: Your Next Road Trip

Nashotah House, in all its trend-less glory, is still making itself relevant after more than a hundred and seventy years of ministry. With a spruced up campus, a top-notch faculty, and a packed library, the House is ready for the next generation of Anglicans in the know. And maybe it’s high time you scheduled an out-of-the-box road trip to come check it out.

We might not have the smells and bells you’ll find at the Dells, but there’s a reason. Even though it’s all the rage for pastors to start their careers as youth pastors, it does not follow that church communities should become extended youth groups. At Nashotah House, we’re mining the sometimes forgotten veins in the Christian tradition in search of a more sustainable way to “do” church. Like organic farming or buying local produce, there’s nothing new about it. It’s been tried, and it’s still found true.

Here at the House, the goal is not to create rock stars or CEOs or inspirational speakers. The goal is to form priests in the service of Christ’s church. This formation is rooted in daily prayer, rigorous study, and the community disciplines of the Benedictine Rule. It’s rooted in Christian traditions so old they’re hip again. And this is why our students get a classical education in classical Christianity—not because we’re snooty or old-fashioned, but because sometimes what the Christians of yore recognized as orthodoxy is simply the best.

But Nashotah House isn’t only for priests-to-be. It’s also for anyone who wants to grow in Christ or to dig deeper into God’s salvation stories. Whether you want to stop by for our summer-session classes, visit for a spiritual retreat, or simply picnic in a quiet corner of our campus, Nashotah House offers so much more than full-time classes. And so whether you’re discerning the call to ministry or simply looking for a weekend retreat, consider visiting Nashotah House this summer. It’s a local watering hole where Midwest Anglicans can rub elbows, worship, and enjoy fellowship together. So if you can, skip the Dells and plan a trip to the House this summer.

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