The Silent Hymns of Heaven

The Silent Hymns of Heaven


Glory be to God for his glory in the day;

Praise him all you night stars in spangled vast array.


Join the happy anthem, all creatures here below;

Turn your eyes to heaven, give up your noise and woe.


Do not crucify him, sin-blinkered and purblind,

Casting lots for garments with games of doubt and pride.


Keep silence in his presence, you who would seek God:

He who hung the star-flung sky also lay the sod.


But look! Behold this soil-lovely star-crested crown

Christ rides upon the clouds, he is not in the ground!


He who plundered hades while sealed within the tomb,

Stretches out the heavens, extolled victorious Groom:


The once womb-dwelling Word now sits upon the throne.

The Word-made world, his footstool, though in labor groans,


Joins saints and stars and martyrs, with angelic host,

To laud and honor Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Nashotah, 2012. Unpublished.


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