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Shoulder   mis-,  de-,  ex-, un-poetry, all gone: Christ does not remember: why do you, remade and shining ad-, re-, in-, pro-soul?   comely believes nothing he cannot measure or weigh.   ‘how much does yr wife weigh?’ i asked, ‘and how does she measure?’   kisses, love make, fiery tongues, all gone: in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, how much does she weigh?   Hillsdale, 2005. Self-published in Clay Eyes.


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739 love is do not forget to laugh! smiles stack like road miles past, pastels and paintbrushes and love rushes, scars, are better than men’s photographs ten times ten their in degrees and screens.   ‘slur, are you In love?’ they would ask,  amiInlove. plotting points wherethere is nogrid. she is. she is no coordinates of parabola. dinner burnt: shirts unmending: overspending: smiles am i In love! listen ...